Booking a consultation

To book a consultation (in person or via Skype), please email All Skype consultations require payment in full prior to starting (via PayPal).

Tarot Readings $70 (1 hour)
I use the cards to answer a specific question, look at the year ahead, or provide a general outlook pertaining to a variety of life issues: work, career, relationships, business ventures, study choices and more.

Sample natal chart

Astrology: Natal Chart Interpretation $100 (1 hour)
This is an in-depth exploration of your natal chart, and I will need your date, place and time of birth, ideally to the nearest minute. I record the session and provide you with a copy of the audio recording. 

Astrology: Follow up consultation $80 (1 hour)
A look at the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities as indicated by current transits and solar return. A copy of the audio recording will be provided.