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The Age of Aquarius, Part 1: The sign

In this series, I cast aside my own disdain and dislike for new-age terminology and hopium, and attempt to make some sense of our collective transition from the Age of Pisces, to the Age of Aquarius. Allow me to firstly clarify the rationale behind the astrological ages, with an excerpt from Robert Fitzgerald’s article (2009): […]

Tarot for Beginners: FAQ

My answers to six common tarot questions asked by beginners, including What is the best tarot deck for a beginner, and What are the best tarot spreads to use when first using a tarot deck.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon will be exact here in Australia on Saturday 6 June, at 5:12am AEST. This is also a Lunar Eclipse, specifically a South Node Lunar Eclipse, the first of the eclipses in the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity that will tale place over the next couple of years. I feel compelled to write about […]

Paulina Tarot Review

Welcome to the fantastical, the incredulous, the whimsical and delicate fairy land world of Paulina Tarot. Spent too much time in adult land? Life weighing on the serious side a bit much? Or perhaps you would just like to delight your eyes, to touch again upon childhood fantasies, to savour a unique and beautifully crafted […]

Doorway Tarot Spread

A tarot spread to aid decision making when faced with the potential of choosing a completely new and unfamiliar path.