Teacher’s Tarot Spread

As I mentioned previously, I am now teaching an introductory course in Tarot. I am running this over 8 weeks, with 2 hours per week. There are 5 students and myself, which makes for a close, intimate experience, and lots of practice time as well.

I wrote this spread up to help myself understand my new role as “teacher” and get some general guidance with this new path. Overall, I am pretty comfortable with teaching Tarot and speaking in front of others – but this is only in this context, i.e. that of Tarot. I guess this is mainly because I revere and love the subject (this is most important!), I understand it fairly well (but there’s nothing like trying to teach it to make me learn even more!), I’ve had excellent, surreal and atrocious experiences and a whole range in-between with reading cards, and I also know most of my students as we are friends outside of class.

Nonetheless, it is good to have some insight and guidance into my new teaching path, so I penned 5 questions, and shuffled a personal favourite – the Fey Tarot.

Fey Tarot: Queen of Swords – 2 of Chalices – The Tower – The Wisest – 8 of Chalices

1. What do I need to know about being a teacher?
Queen of Swords: the card leans towards the rationing/ thinking/ objective and also highly discriminating – these are the predominant qualities I do and/or should use, which makes sense, though she looks rather intense – it’s those penetrating eyes, I think. This Queen is a great role model for a teacher in general, because the element of air (swords) rules all forms of communication, which is what teaching is all about.

2. What do I do well as a teacher?
2 of Chalices: I interact well on a personal level with students – the 2 of Cups is about having a personal, deep bond with someone as well. It’s about exchange and connection on a one-to-one level, which I hope I do. With 5 students, I try and give everyone the opportunity to engage and communicate.

3. What do I need to improve upon?
DSCF7867 The Tower: I need to not be afraid of stepping outside conventional boundaries, and infuse my teaching with my own personal style. I think as a new-ish teacher I tend to err on the side of safety and limit myself to conventional approaches to teaching. Note that the fay in the card, while flying (aiming) high, is still within the confines of a brick tower, although the foundations are slowly coming apart brick by brick… I like that.

4. Advice for me on being a teacher
DSCF7865The Wisest: this corresponds to the Hierophant in traditional deck, which is a fantastic card to get as advice, for the Hierophant is the teacher of mysteries, occult etc. Also, see how the fey in this card is reading/ studying – this implies that, apart from teaching being a natural path for me (well, I am a Sagittarius after all!), I should always keep on learning and studying. This is something I naturally plan on doing, since I love being the eternal student, but it’s nice to get it as a guidance anyway.

5. What does the future hold for my Tarot teaching work?
DSCF78638 of Chalices: I wasn’t too sure about this one. I think it signals a new direction possibly, though I note how the fey keeps her eyes on that splendid chalice: I will always teach, I know that much. Where, how and when, are just details to be filled in 🙂




If you want to try this as a spread, keep in mind there are lots of other questions you can add – for example, “What is my teaching style?” etc.

Next time, I will do a Student’s Tarot Spread, although, since we are all students in life, I’ll keep it a bit more generic.

Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead,



  1. I have begun teaching introductory courses this year too, Monica. I am really enjoying it and have my third planned for February. Mine are 3 hours each week, for five weeks, so similar to yours. I will try this spread in my paper journal! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow that was the fasted comment ever 🙂 Yes I think you will enjoy doing this spread or a similar one tailored for your own questions. And congratulations on venturing into teaching – it can be daunting (for me it was) but exhilarating… nothing I’ve ever done comes close to it in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment. Many happy teaching decades ahead 🙂 Monica

  3. Hi Monica, Just to say how much I love your blog and your journey with tarot. I always feel connected when I get your emails. Kindred Soul

  4. Thank you for the encouragement and support! One day maybe I’ll do a webinar 😉 that’s a long way into the distance though but not ruled out! Blessings.

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts Marie, it means a lot to me. Blessings on your Tarot journey.

  6. Hi Monica I think these are awesome cards to get as guidance for your teaching. Especially the Hierofant and the Queen of Swords
    Good luck with this class and the ones to follow

  7. Ha ha Fern, no no it is I who wish to do your course again!! I honestly would, if I could 🙂 Much love and blessings to you xx

  8. You’re awesome! Wish I could go hang out in your class. 😀 I haven’t been doing much of anything lately! I mean, not really doing much tarot or much art. Oy. I guess I got a little derailed. Sounds interesting to do a class. What else are you working on? I know you always are working on something. It’s summer there, right? I’m so confused. It’s freaking cold here. It’s 6 degrees fahrenheit here. UGH. SO cold. I hate it. I know I shouldn’t resist it but it’s depressing me. Haha. xooxx

  9. Hi Monica – I love reading your blog and following your journey. It’s a real highlight for me when it drops into my inbox. Good luck with the course.

  10. Thank you Mentha 🙂 Mostly I am working on getting a vegetable garden set up, and yesterday we got chickens again 🙂 So very domestic but far from boring, it is very peaceful and calming. It’s close to 40 degrees during the day, and that is Celsius 🙂 What does it feel like? You know when you open the oven door to check on your roast chicken? A bit like that 🙂 xx


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