Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do



That’s our lovely bus, parked up for the weekend at Ball Bay, a small coastal village. It’s a quiet and rather sleepy place, which is just how I like it sometimes.


The camp site is next to the beach, and it’s soothing to have the sound of waves as a backdrop in the evening. A glass of wine, a candle, and some cards, and that’s pretty much heaven for me. My partner went fishing off the rocks, and I even joined him for a bit of beach fishing in the evening.

I then spent Sunday at the Cape Hillsborough Lifestyle expo, which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – if only to enjoy the  Old Station Tea House and its wonderful surroundings. Sadly I didn’t capture any photos of it – it’s a relocated old Railway Station house, full of that old world charm, and decorated as such too – even the toilets are full of nostalgia and old posters.

Anyhow. The point of this post is to talk about one of the readings I did, which is not something I do often – but maybe I should? I’ve contemplated writing a “Case Studies in Tarot” Workbook or similar, but frankly, I’m a long way away from even starting something like that. I digress again.

A woman came to see me about a difficult relationship with her daughter (coincidentally, this is not uncommon and perhaps a mirror of my own challenging relationship with my mother. I digress, again). She wanted to know what she could do about this.

I fanned out the old trusty Rider Waite Smith, and asked her to choose 3 cards, and leave them face down. Once she did this, I proceeded to turn them over, and this is what I received:

Rider Waite Smith Queen of Cups - The Emperor - Queen of Wands
Rider Waite Smith
Queen of Cups – The Emperor – Queen of Wands

We both had a laugh seeing the two Queens. And then I paused for a while, because, well, that Emperor just felt so heavy. And rigid, and stubborn, and wearing armour, and not looking like budging one little bit.

I pointed out that the two Queens – which stand for mother and daughter – are not facing each other. They are looking away from each other. And between them, stands what looked to me like an impenetrable force – the Emperor. I proceeded to just describe the qualities of this card, and then the woman told me that her daughter had taken out a legal restriction against her, and that legally she was not allowed to contact her.

And with that explanation, the whole thing made sense – there was absolutely nothing she could do. The cards mirrored that. Fractured relationships come up in tarot readings very often – court cases, legal disputes, custody battles, the whole lot. A question such as “What can I do” is a great one to ask, in instances where one is actually in a position to do something. In this case, that was not possible.

So where to after this? I drew 3 more cards for her daughter, which showed hope for reconciliation (I received the Star and Knight of Cups) as well as remorse and sorrow (9 of Swords). And sometimes, hope is all one needs in such cases. And hope is all I can give, as a reader. I continue to be astounded and amazed at the people that sit in front of me and their tales. And I realise that Tarot is such a powerful and important craft for carrying us through both light and dark moments. I need to step back and reassure myself sometimes, of this, and of my path.

Wishing everyone a blessed week,



  1. Thank you. Yes indeed – I didn’t know of the legal restrictions imposed and I was trying to figure out a way forward but couldn’t with the Emperor in the middle – until she mentioned the legalities involved. Blessings.

  2. Makes total sense to me, and I admire your honesty in conveying that to the sitter! ❤ I hope things are going well. I just love the energy of your posts. I'm house-hunting which is trying my patience and making me nervous, but the cards keep telling me to try to chill out, use humor, and not lower my standards. 🙂


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