Tarot Readings at Wintermoon Festival

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 8.30.05 amFrom 2 to 5 May I will be reading at the amazing Wintermoon Festival, as well as conducting a workshop on Tarot.

This will be my second year of reading tarot at Wintermoon, and I can’t wait to get set up and meet everyone.
If you have not heard of Wintermoon – well, you’re in for such a treat – brilliant music, exceptional artists, yummylicious food, a wondrous setting among the bush with a river next to it, and a chilled family-friendly atmosphere.
Check out the festival page here, or better yet, come down for a day or the full weekend.

tarot stall
Wintermoon workshop with 78 guests

You are warmly invited to join 78 guests of honour, share their history, heritage and wisdom.

The workshop will start with a brief history of Tarot, followed by some of the key aspects that give order and structure to an oracular craft that has refused to be relegated to dimly lit, illegal or shady environments. On the contrary, over the past few decades, Tarot has surged into the limelight, from Carl Jung’s early exploration of the cards as “archetypes of transformation”, to modern day application by therapists, counsellors and psychologists, alongside spiritual workers, healers, readers and practitioners of magic.

We will be getting to know our guests in sacred space and time, and will be doing simple “hands-on” exercises with the cards. There will be a wide selection of tarot decks available for viewing. Participants are welcome to bring their own tarot deck for use, or use one of the decks available during the workshop.

Sunday 4 May, 11 to 12:30 – venue to be confirmed. Please check the festival pamphlet for date and time confirmation as these may change.