Case Studies in Tarot : Case Study 8

Question: My question is work related. The company I work for is having financial difficulties and it’s really worrying me. I’m not sure how to ask my question properly but basically I would like to know what is coming up for me work wise. 

Tarot spread using the Wheel of the Year tarot deck
Tarot spread using the Wheel of the Year tarot deck

For this reading I drew four cards as follows:

Cards 1, 2 and 3: What is coming up for you work wise – The Chariot, The Wheel, The Magician
Card 4: Advice for you – Ace of Cups

Cards 1, 2 and 3 The Chariot, The Wheel and The Magician
Cards 1, 2 and 3
The Chariot, The Wheel and The Magician

Well, three majors! Rest assured, it’s not bad. In fact, this dynamic trio brings favourable weather for you, for the future. Changes are definitely on the way though, this is shown by The Wheel. The Wheel (commonly referred to as the Wheel of Fortune) is neither bad, nor good by itself. It is simply, change. In this case though, it is flanked by The Chariot and The Magician, which I read as positive influences, albeit not without their own challenges. The Chariot, in particular, is a card of success, yet the Charioteer often has to overcome fears and doubts, some of which still linger on despite her self-assured demeanor. In a work situation, this may be shown by someone who has doubts about his/her ability to do the job, yet gets on with it and puts on a confident, victorious face. The Magician is you having the ability to manifest and display your skills or knowledge, the emphasis being on “you”. Together with The Chariot, they tell me you may be tested or challenged, but certainly you have what it takes to make it through. And I also know this because the next card confirms it as well.

Card 4: Ace of Cups
Card 4: Ace of Cups

As advice, the Ace of Cups lets you know everything will be all right, to put it simply. This is a card of new beginnings, so possibly there may be a new fresh start associated with your work, but certainly not in a negative way. I see the Ace of Cups as not letting fear overcome you, or not worrying constantly about what may come. You can click on the image above to see it better – the expression and the energy in this card speak of happiness and abundance.

I hope this has offered you some guidance with your question, and I thank you for submitting your request.

Many blessings,

Feedback update:

Thank you so much. When I sent you the question a few weeks ago, I was scared and I was sure the company was going to close. I was ready for the worst. There has been unexpected change this week, it came out of no where and things are looking up for the company.
I have also found a plan B and I am going to do it. I’m not ready to give up my job yet but I’m going to do this on my spare time to see where it leads me. “Start believing in myself and doing what I actually enjoy” where my exact thoughts!
lol I guess that is the card of new beginning.
Thank you again for this reading, for your time and for your generosity. I appreciate it more than I can say


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