Case Studies in Tarot : Case Study 7

First, let me say I am behind schedule. Well, the best intentions were there, yet tempus fugit 🙂 My apologies, I am doing my best to get through the last case studies. I have four more to post, after which I am putting these on hold for a few reasons – one being lack of time, another being my desire to do some tarot deck reviews and go back to posting about daily draws and tea savouring :), and yet another being the challenge of not having an active communication with a querent in an online reading, which I think is important. Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed doing these case studies – and I hope readers of this blog have enjoyed reading about them too?

So, onto tarot reading number 7….

Question: For a lengthy period of some years, I have been in a huge psychological transition, letting go of unnecessary clutter, on many levels, though predominantly on a mental level….and learning how to relate from a very new place in myself. And also learning about how to communicate in a whole new way, more honest and truthful, so there has been lots of relationship changes. I am seeking real clarity on my direction and where to focus my energies now, at this time. 

3 card draw using Wheel of the Year tarot deck
3 card draw using Wheel of the Year tarot deck

I drew 3 cards to offer guidance on your life direction, and where to focus your energies, using the Wheel of the Year tarot deck. I received the following:

The Tower, 5 of Pentacles, and 4 of Cups.

I admit that upon drawing these three, I really wanted to put them back into the deck and do the whole thing again. I really did. I thought, what do they have in common, and how can this possibly be guidance for your on your life direction?! And then I realised these cards told a story, in a succinct order, from left to right, and I must be true and honour this message, regardless of how I feel about it.

Case Study 7 Wheel of the Year tarot
Wheel of the Year tarot.
Left to right: The Tower, 5 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups

The first thing I noticed, was that they all showed rainy weather. It rains in each of these three cards. So I took the whole deck out, and went through it all, and out of the whole deck, out of 78 cards, these are the only 3 where it’s raining. There are other cards that show snow, sun, winds, dark clouds etc, but these are the only three with rain. Sometimes it rains in life, and that is necessary, and we may not like it, but acceptance is the way forward.

The next thing that jumped out, was the sequence of events: we have a sudden, abrupt change: this is the Tower. In this deck, it shows a tree hit by lightning, breaking from the impact. A rupture, a breakthrough, breaking away from the past quite possibly. This is quite the storm, literally and metaphorically. This may not be a happy event in itself, as the next card shows a person looking rather sad, morose, sheltering from the storm which is still raging on – note the lightning is still present in this card. This is the 5 of Pentacles, traditionally a card of hardship and trials. After the breaking away, you are able to find shelter, although it’s not looking like a comforting situation, and you are still out in the open, and unhappy with the situation of events. The final card offers hope and comfort – in the 4 of Cups, despite the ongoing rain, the woman is inside a home, with her cat by her side, looking out the window and waiting for the rain to pass. There is a feeling of contemplation and pondering going on, as if, having been through the fire and the trials, you look back with a sense of detachment at what has been, before starting again. But you do so from a safe place, a place where you are safe from the storm, a place of comfort. Also, in this deck, the 5 of Pentacles is associated with late summer / autumn (note the acorns on the 5 coins on the ground), where as the 4 of Cups is associated with spring – note the daffodils in the foreground.

So the above tells me that, you will be faced with a big change that may well be disruptive and destructive – but with the Tower, this is often necessary. This is where you leave behind that which no longer serve a purpose. Note those apples on the ground in the Tower card – past events and situations have come to fruition, to completion, and it’s time to move on. After this, you will go through a transition phase, the phase of adjusting to loss, the phase of grief over what is no longer in your life. And finally, you will be able to come out of this, and look back at the lessons it has offered you, from a place of safety and calm. I hope this reading offers you guidance, and I wish you all the very best on your path. Many blessings to you, and thank you for your request.



  1. It’s always difficult to pull these ‘troublesome’ cards and have to find something useful in them, but, this is why I read: to prepare for the hard times, know they’re coming, and know that something better awaits us at the end.

  2. This reading was awesomely executed! Love it. 🙂

    It’s nutty that all of the rainy weather cards came together in this reading–and you really captured the essence of the reading. I love your style of reading and can really relate to it.

    I just realized I’m way behind reading your gardening blog. I read it but then couldn’t comment earlier via my phone. Hope you are having a swell day.


  3. Yes, it is. And having patience in reading such cards definitely pays off too. If I would have dismissed them at the beginning, I would not have seen there was a connection there after all. I am learning to trust wholeheartedly, so I guess there was some guidance in there for me too 🙂

  4. Thank you Mentha, after the shaky start I liked how it turned out too. As for the garden blog, it sat idle for nearly a year, so you haven’t missed much. I’m getting better at updating it though. Thank you for your wished, you have a great week xx

  5. I love that you are doing this. It offers so much to me as a reader of
    my own and other’s cards. Especially when it looks, at first take, to be
    a ‘tough’ read.

  6. Thank you Marie, that is such great encouragement for me, really do appreciate the time you, and other readers, put into giving me feedback and comments. Blessings.

  7. It’s absolutely fascinating to read your interpretations. I learn something new every time, even as I’ve been reading for myself and others for almost 30 years; the tarot still amazes me. Thanks for taking the time to do these readings and share them.

  8. Thank you so much for your warm words, it means a lot to me. I think part of the reason tarot continues, every day, to utterly fascinate and amaze me, is the ongoing learning and new view-points I experience. It is such a rich medium to work with, culturally, historically, artistically, spiritually, etc etc. Blessings.

  9. Love your blog! I’ve be carrying out a lot of research into tarot reading recently and this has really helped! Thank you!

  10. Hi Monica,   I wanted to respond to the case study 7 you did for me in July of this year.   I must admit when I saw the cards that had been chosen I felt all sorts of emotions and was  quite depressed. Then I told myself your very apt description of how the cards told a story caused me see the value in storm, the rain, the lightning…….and the necessary period of breaking apart that is needed to clear out old matter, and the necessary grieving that needs to take place…to say goodbye to what is lost and gone…..and valuing the lessons learned through pain and loss, using these to start again……   On re reading the reading today I see the word acceptance stand out and also detachment…..and I feel like a different woman than the one who requested the reading from you earlier this year. Thank you once again for your gift of a reading to me…..I am so grateful and appreciative to receive a message, which, although challenging, has proved to be what I needed to grow through……..   Warmest regards Yvonne Lovejoy


  11. Thank you so much for updating me on your journey Yvonne. It was a challenging reading for me I admit!! And I am grateful to you for requesting this, I genuinely am grateful. And I am happy to read of your change, and that you are in a different place now to where you were earlier on. I do wish you many blessings on your journey. Monica


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