Case Studies in Tarot : Case Study 6

Question: I just seem to be at a crossroads and don’t have a particular question in mind. I would be more curious as to whether a reading might enlighten me. I’m not looking for definite answers, it’s more like I’m wondering what the cards might show. It might give me a clue as to where the universe wants me to go.

4 card spread using the Sun and Moon Tarot deck
4 card spread using the Sun and Moon Tarot deck

This was a bit of a tricky request for me, mainly because I work best when the querent has a definite question or conundrum in mind. However, it is actually a common request, so I did a four card spread as follows:

Cards 1, 2 and 3 – Life path direction: King of Swords, The Fool and 6 of Swords
Card 4 – Advice, or something you need to know: Temperance

Cards 1, 2 and 3 King of Swords, The Fool and Six of Swords
Cards 1, 2 and 3
King of Swords, The Fool and Six of Swords

The guidance for life path direction is a combination of new experiences and study. In this deck, the King of Swords is shown travelling on a horse, more like a knight seeking a challenge than the traditional portrayal of Kings in tarot. The imagery shows boldness, courage, and determination. This teams up nicely with The Fool, which stands for enthusiasm and fearlessly embracing the new. The Fool doesn’t really care for a whole lot of planning or careful analysis, she follows her heart and instinct. Which is interesting in this reading, because the King of Swords is all about analysis, objective viewpoints, and a rational mind. So I see the message of this duo, rather than opposing or being incongruous, as a balanced energy: you are advised to open your heart and embrace a new path, yet you have the necessary wisdom and rational capacity to keep you grounded.

If you have been stagnating, or wondered whether you should take a different path, or change and do something new, these two cards strongly encourage that. The Six of Swords is the key to what that path might be. In this deck, it shows someone studying, focusing mentally on a study of some sort. You may well look into an apprenticeship, or training, or a course of study. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-on degree. I believe you know yourself where your heart calling lies. I would also say that this card also refers to communication – anything from writing, to speaking, investigative journalism, etc.

Card 4 Temperance
Card 4

I drew a card of advice for you, or something you need to know, and received Temperance. As advice, Temperance is all about moderation, and balance as well. I like the Yin and Yang symbol in this card, it’s so simple yet so potent. This card is a reminder to have moderation in one’s life, try to walk the middle path. This is also a card of healing, deep healing, and it is a beautiful energy to guide you through your journey.

I hope this reading offers you the guidance you were seeking, and thank you for your request. Many blessings,



  1. Wow! You really zoned in on my cosmic footprint in this world. My favorite color is purple. My birthstone is amethyst. And my whole life I have collected semi-precious stones. (I love plain old rocks too.) None of those things you would have known.

    And all those “airy” looking cards are too Aquarius! I notice the little things.

    The reading is amazing. I like what you said about the King of Swords and The Fool as being complementary and balanced. These two cards describe me to a ‘T’. The warring natures of Saturn and Uranus as a true Aquarius.

    I have been warring with myself about the direction my life needs to go. A new path. Ironically, (or not) two weeks ago I finished a communications (!) course for Emergency Medical Services. A completely different field from what I am now in (Surgical Services.) Over the past year I have also taken Emergency Medical Responder and was going in that direction for a new career. The six of Swords would definitely support that path.

    If you stopped at three cards that would be the direction of my life. And I would be comfortable with that.

    BUT! You drew one more card…Temperance. And any advice tempered by a Major is definitely something to listen to.

    The Hebrew letter on Temperance is Samech. It is represented by a ‘circle’ letter, one of only two circle letters in the Hebrew aleph-bet. And, oddly, about eight years ago a psychic told me that he saw the ‘circle’ associated with me. It’s a protective letter of support.

    Your Temperance is also Art. I have been writing stories my whole life. This past year I have been working on a special project near and dear to me. I’ve been at war with myself regarding it. And since you drew one more card and in your reading you said I “know myself where my heart calling lies” then I’m positive the story I’m working on needs to be finished/published/read. (Something that terrifies me.)

    And, being a true flakey Aquarius, I know I can ‘balance’ all of this in my life. There’s a little bit more but I will wait to tell you. It’s in regards to the story I have been writing… the esoteric nature of Samech is definitely a clue… I will let you know in a few months.

    Thank you for the reading!! You have definitely aided me on my journey.

    Best wishes,

  2. That King of Swords seems to be prodding the Fool to go out there and take that chance. Nothing will happen if you don’t take that first step, eh? Sound wisdom.

  3. Thank you for your feedback, it is great to see you relating so well to the reading. Also, it is great to receive a card of communication as direction, especially when you have done a communications course, and have a writing project underway. Keep it up! Many blessings.

  4. Excellent comment, DD. I too liked the meeting of these two cards and the way they face each other here 🙂 I really enjoyed this reading too, it made sense – at least to me 🙂 Many blessings.


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