Case Studies in Tarot : Update and feedback

Fantastic Menagerie Tarot
Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

Thanks to everyone who has written requesting a reading. If you are interested in a tarot reading, please check out the Case Studies in Tarot page for more information. At present any new requests will be posted around end of June / early July.

Here is some feedback for the first two readings I posted. In the future, I will place feedback (if any) as an update to the original post.

For Case Study 1, the querent has this to say:

Well, I don’t know what to say here, Monica.   Everything seems to be quite true.  I guess deep inside I already know most of this, but it’s good to have it affirmed through the cards.  I especially like the world card at the end of the reading.  It’s very positive and I feel very encouraged to try something new in the upcoming year.  Thanks for the reading Monica.

And for Case Study 2, I received the following:

Thank you for doing the reading! Wow…well, I think the reading makes sense and really has my number. You are absolutely right. I had already decided to quit! The 8 of Cups and 10 of Swords definitely show that. I think the main problem is that I don’t really have enough momentum to continue. The most flawed premise of the venture is that I like doing it somewhat, but maybe not enough to turn it into a business. To me it has always felt more like a side project. With my last venture, a few years ago, I cared more about it and put more into it, but it was ultimately very tiring and disappointing (very few sales). I think the person who commented on your blog is right–it often takes several years to establish a business and if you aren’t keenly interested in it to begin with …well, I am not sure if I can dedicate myself to it in that fashion!

Thanks for all your comments, everyone, and for the feedback given.
Many blessings,

One comment

  1. I would say to the second person re: the business venture that doesn’t seem to be panning out, good for trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Too many people never make the attempt, and regret it all their lives. Starting any business is hard, especially in this economy. That’s why so many start things as part-time, on the side, after they’re done with their day-job.

    RE: the first person’s comment about knowing deep down, but wanting it confirmed – I think that is true more often than not. It’s almost always true for me. I pull the cards out like I’m having a chat with a sage, wise, dear old friend. Some days I think they’re the only things that keep me from going crazy(er). 😉


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