Wintermoon tarot reading set-up

Well, that was quite magical. It’s been some time since I let my hair down and enjoyed a proper outdoor festival, and I must say Wintermoon was absolutely delicious. Set amongst an idyllic rural backdrop, complete with a local creek and surrounded by bush, a wonderland of tents, caravans, art and music came alive for four days last weekend.

I was blessed to read tarot during the festival, being rather busy most of the time. I immensely enjoyed the people and conversations I had, and look forward to many more such occasions.

Lotus candle holder
Night-time lighting in our humble (bus) abode: lotus candle lantern

It was relaxed enough that once the afternoon sun started to set, I wrapped up the tarot readings, enjoyed a hot shower, and proceeded to absorb the evening’s festivities with gusto. This is the first festival I’ve been to where hot showers were provided, courtesy of a wood-fired “donkey” and some very dedicated volunteers.

The main stage at night
The main stage at night
Setting up the bus and the tarot stall
Setting up the bus and the tarot stall
Green and purple: favourite colour combination (the green pentagram is a candle holder)
Green and purple: favourite colour combination (the green pentagram is a candle holder)
Tarot table setting: gracefully watched by Quan Yin
Tarot table setting: gracefully watched by Quan Yin


We were lucky enough to have my partner’s dad’s bus, nicely fitted with a comfy bed, table, seats, and a plethora of cushions. I could live like a gypsy and savour the nomadic lifestyle, I tell you.

One of the camp sites... the maypole was very popular with the kids :)
One of the camp sites… the maypole was very popular with the kids 🙂


Swan lantern
Swan lantern
The local creek... plenty of space for everyone...
The local creek… plenty of space for everyone…

I absolutely loved it, as did my partner. I loved the way children were free and safe to wonder around, and the family atmosphere that permeated throughout. I loved the sky and the water and the stones and the trees. I loved the glow of candles at night, and the amazing sounds. When you get goosebumps in the middle of the tropical sun, the music is that good.

Children dancing during the Woohoo Revue
Children dancing during the Woohoo Revue

And so, now it’s all a warm memory. Until next time, that is 😉

Many blessings,

Wintermoon tarot reader



  1. Oh my goodness, it looks like it was a wonderful festival! I love your tarot-reading tent set up, it looks so lovely and inviting. I hope the Tarot readings went well and you picked up some clients. It looks like it was truly magical 🙂

  2. You look gorgeous and the festival looks really special. Sounds like you had a great time. You read for four days? Was this unpaid or did you charge?

    This is great. Makes me want to do something like this–though I admit reading for people one after the other can be quite tiring, though rewarding.

    Much Love,

  3. Monica, you are so beautiful! What a great picture of you! Looks like you had a magical time at the festival. I love, love the bus! You’re right, the life of a nomad could be very enticing!

    Love to you dear!

  4. Thank you Sharyn, my pleasure! Magical is a great word to describe the atmosphere 🙂

  5. Thank you! The readings went really well, though a couple were pretty intense – heavy topics but definitely very interesting people. Which is what I love about working as a tarot reader 😉

  6. Hiya Mentha – most of my readings were Saturday and Sunday, with a couple on Friday and a couple on Monday. I set my own break times, and made sure I allowed 1.5 hours for lunch to recharge. I didn’t have a set time for each reading, as I found that to be too rigid and intense. In the past I’ve read at festivals where we charged $20 for 20 minutes, but you end up doing far too many and become exhausted, here I charged $30 per reading, some readings only took 20 minutes, others 1 hour.

    The great thing about this festival was that it was pretty relaxed and no requirement that I had to be at my stall all the time, so around 4 I would end the readings and just go and enjoy the evening 🙂 If you can set your own times, go for it! xx

  7. Thank you! It was truly magical. The bus is amazing, makes such a difference to sleep in a comfy bed at night, and to have a cosy nook with cushions and candles and incence where you can chill with a glass of wine at night he he! My tent days are truly over I say, would love to get a bus in a year’s time and be a nomad for a while 🙂

  8. You look very approachable–not at all spooky, just someone who is sincere with the cards. The big Gaian cards look terrific. Did you find yourself using that deck exclusively or did people pick their own decks for you to use? What?s the scoop on that aspect please?

  9. Thank you – means a lot to hear (read) that. I only got out the Gaian a couple of times, when people asked about work/vocation paths. I’ve found if I ask people to choose their own deck, most freeze and don’t know what to do or which one to pick, so I pick the decks as I feel the need. In saying that, I only read with 3 or 4 “trusted” decks, though I am slowly breaking through and getting more adventurous 😉

  10. Gorgeous! The festival looks wonderful and right up my alley! Love the Tarot bus 🙂


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