2013 New Year Spread : Threshold Spread

Threshold Spread

This is one of the spreads I did at the beginning of the year. It is not specifically a New Year spread, but I think it works well as one. I was given this spread at one of the Tarot Guild of Aotearoa meetings, I am sorry to say I don’t know who the author is or where it originates from.

Here is my spread, using the Vision Quest Tarot:

threshold spread Sacred Quest

I love seeing the 8 of Earth in place of where I am now: there is a sense of bounty, of growth, of calmness. It’s not always like that, of course, but by and large, it is true. It’s even more special to see the Star in the position of what lies on the other side. I’m well acquainted with the Star, card of a new dawn, new vision, new hopes, healing, peace. She may shine in the darkness, but shine she does nonetheless.

The middle cards, to me, speak of empowerment, of my journey of getting to know the High Priestess. The journey of my own.

middle cards
Medicine Woman – Six of Earth (Break Through) – Two of Fire (Will) from the Vision Quest Tarot

Medicine Woman is an issue I need to consider or an action I need to take, the mental or thought process I need to explore. Two of Fire (Will) is another issue I need to consider or action to take, but on the physical level. Together these two cards tell me about having personal will and self-containment, to be myself. In a sense, it’s about having the strength to follow and embody what Medicine Woman stands for. In the middle, the influence lying over both these cards, is the Six of Earth: Break-Through.

As it happens, taking this literally, I will be reading tarot at the beautiful WinterMoon festival not far from home. It will be a few days packed with tarot readings, a little bit of yoga teaching, and a whole lot of wonderment in what is a stunning tropical setting. It’s happening in May, and I totally look forward to it.

Aside from this, I continue to look after the garden, the chickens, try to eat good food and give blessing for all the goodness bestowed upon me. Setting time aside for this, and for my tarot practice as well, is what gives meaning and fills my life with joy.

red grapes

Many blessings,



  1. I love this, Monica! I just did a spread today (using the Tarot Nova) and had the Star in it too. Love seeing that card.

    Hope you have a wonderful time reading tarot (I know it’s a ways off but that’s ok!) and I love that you take care of the chickens and all of that. 🙂

    I gave my Vision Quest Tarot to a friend who really liked it. But I may get myself another copy sometime soon. Hope you have a lovely day!


  2. Hi Monica, the Treshold Spread is from the Prague Tarot book by the Magic Realist Press, one of my favourites too. The two of fire in your reading could refer to yoga, bringing mind and body into union.


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