Golden Tarot Review

Exquisite would be one word to describe this deck: a delicate and thoughtful collection of collages using European artwork from medieval and Renaissance periods. This is the creation of artist Kat Black, published by US Games (2003) with gilded edges and presented in a sturdy custom box.

The predominant colour scheme involves grounded and earthy browns and greens, though this is by no means a monotone deck. True to its name, there is an abundance of gold, most noticeable in the gilded edges and on the borders. Overall I get a sense of “groundedness” with this deck, yet the careful choice in collage artwork and beautiful rendering elevate its energy to an almost ethereal quality.

This is a 78 card deck, based on the Rider Waite Smith concept; the cards are slightly larger than standard decks, 7.3 by 12.2cm.

I love the presentation style – a beautiful box that neatly fits the cards and the booklet. It would be unfair to say it’s a LWB, since it is a generous and detailed compilation of card meanings  (both upright and reversed) and includes a full Appendix listing all the art sources for each card.

I have had this deck for a couple of years now. I have read with it for myself and others, and found it to be highly applicable to questions of a practical nature. Perhaps its charm lies in the beauty and grace it brings in a reading concerning issues that may be bring sorrow and grief for the querent – this deck will bring a gentle calm and a soothing energy to safely explore such concerns.

Many blessings,


  1. Oh this is lovely. Another I don’t have, but I do have her Touchstone Tarot. Kat does an excellent job of collaging these old masterpieces. The book that came with the Touchstone cites the paintings she used, does this one do the same? It’s fascinating to me to see the original piece (when you can, they’re not all viewable online) and how she has incorporated it into the card.

  2. It is 🙂 I don’t have the Touchstone though I have shuffled it. The Golden book also cites all the sources in detail – very cool indeed. I’m very impressed with the overall presentation of this deck – the book, the box, and of course I love the cards. Off to shuffle shuffle. Blessings.


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