Astrological Transit Tarot Spread

I currently have two heavy transits to contend with. The first is Saturn crossing over my natal Pluto, the second being Pluto crossing over natal Venus. Both are intense and bring extremely transformative energies. So I decided to create a spread to examine the first one of these, Saturn transit over Pluto in the sign of Libra – although this spread is very easily modified and can be applied to any transit.

I decided to ask the following:

1. The main effect(s) of this transit in my life
2. The challenges of this transit
3. The rewards of this transit
4. The overall energy of this transit
5. Advice for me (action or non-action)
6. Outcome

Given both Saturn and Pluto are rather serious fellows, I put away the Sun and Moon and used the Haindl Tarot. Below I explore each question in-depth as it relates to me personally, however I encourage anyone with an interest in astrology to use or adapt this spread and share their thoughts.

1. The main effect(s) of this transit in my life

This transit occurs in the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. The Lovers is about choice, in particular choices we make about relationships. Saturn, planet of limitations, crossing over Pluto in Libra means deep-seated relationship issues will be surfacing to be explored. Being under the thumb of Saturn in this instance means running away is not an option: I have to sit down and work through this stuff.

I may well have an “ideal” of what I want in a relationship, but with Saturn hovering the reality rather than fantasy has to be acknowledged. Of course the house placement is important too however I won’t be exploring this area in this post.

2. The challenges of this transit

I would say keeping a cool and clear head is definite challenge in a transit that exposes patterns and issues about relating and bonding with others.

Ra is the King of Swords. The gifts of this King are the ability to think clearly, to be objective and even detached – qualities that I will be challenged to nurture and use. This card is linked with Libra so its challenges are even more relevant for this transit.

According to some creation myths, Ra created himself out of nothing. A certain hymn says he ‘came into being of himself.’” R Pollack

3. The rewards of this transit

The rewards are order and structure – this means these are available to me to reap if I attune to and pay attention to the energies of this transit.

The Emperor brings stability and order, yet with this card there is none of the stuffiness and rigidity of more traditional Emperor cards – he is rather strong, healthy, vibrant and full of life. There is a passion and desire to be a part of life and in touch with natural rhythms, rather than let the ego dominate.

Overall, I take that this transit will re-structure my life in meaningful and purposeful ways.



4. The overall energy of this transit

Spider Woman is one of my favourite cards in this deck – ancient, archaic, karmic and knowing. I am drawn to the little figure in this card, standing apart from the web of life. She is part of it but not really. Rachel Pollack writes “Taken one way, the little figure represents creation, which begins with the Goddess, the center, and works its way to the stages to the outside. Taken another way it shows the soul entering the labyrinth, in search of sacred truth.”

Insights and synchronicities, psychic dreams and intuitive glimpses will surround this transit – at least that is what I initially get when looking at this card, before I even explore the actual Queen of Stones herself. There’s a very grounded and earthy energy in this card – but it’s also very static.

5. Advice for me (action or non-action)

As an advice card, Brigid is about allowing the process to happen, and letting go. Meeting it with compassion, kindness and being receptive to it rather than pushing for specific outcomes. This is definitely a card of non-action – I’m getting this from the specific image Haindl painted, rather than its equivalent (the Knight of Cups in the Rider Waite).

The stones and the cave in the background speak to me of dreamwork and journeying – so if there is any action, it is meditation oriented on an inner level rather than out in the world.

“As a principle, the card signifies mystery and revelation, for Brigid was the Goddess of poetry and divination. Originally people did not make a separation between poetry and sacred truth. Odin used the power of magic. Brigid suggests the source of that power, creative intuition.” R Pollack

6. Outcome

This depiction of the 9 of Wands is one of my favourites – no wounded figure, no defensiveness. This is one’s own inner power, the power gained from the struggle and fires of transformation. There is a force and a drive here – upward and final, decisive.

I have a couple of months to go through and digest this reading while directly experiencing this shift. I hope to review it later this spring and see how things unfold over the coming months.

Many blessings,


  1. Hi Monica,

    That looks like a great spread. I don’t know enough about astrology to even know if I’ve got any transits coming, but I think it would work well for life transits as well as astrological ones. Anyhow, really enjoyed reading your take on the cards, and I’ll look forward to your up-dates.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Monica,

    Sorry about the rough transit! I hope it ends up being really helpful. I’ve gone through some nasty Pluto transits. I’m sure I’m going through some horrible transit right now but I have no idea how to tell. I’m not good enough at figuring out transits to know, but I wish you luck!


  3. Hi Chloe! Thank you – yes you could use it for any life transit though I had specific astro ones in mind. These are slow moving transits and often the importance of events is not clear until well after they have passed, which is why some tarot insight now is a good idea, or at least I think so! Many blessings.

  4. Hi Mentha! It’s not so bad – as in, not so much of a rough transit but more of an intense one. You can easily find out what transits you have going on by going to under Free Horoscopes, Extended Chart Selection and once the chart comes up you click to view transits. If you want to find out anyway 🙂 Blessings.

  5. Hi Sharyn – yes it’s my favourite. I don’t have two copies, but now that you mention… 🙂 Actually, I’ve just purchased the Fairytale Tarot Kit from Baba Studio so I better control myself. Sigh.



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