New World for Nellie

A couple of days ago, a magical little package arrived. The timing could not have been better, may I add. This little treasure made me smile and made the whole week – heck, the whole month – brighter. I’m talking about a custom majors-only tarot deck, beautifully put together by my friend Kim. We studied tarot and astrology together back in Auckland (those were the days!), and looking through her deck reminded me of the beautiful times we spent together.

Kim is a jewellery designer and maker and she also makes amazing custom tarot bags – the deck came with its own reversible bag shown above – I’m feeling pretty humbled. I’ve always admired people who are able to create handmade treasures, and to receive this is very special.

The deck is based on the children’s book New World for Nellie by Rowland Emett. Cabinet of Wonders does a great review of the book, and I quote:

“Albert Funnel and Frederick Firedoor, Nellie’s driver and “guard-fireman-and-porter”, become upset because nobody in Cloud Cuckoo Valley or Duckwallow Marsh appreciate them, and so they get a wonderful idea: to turn Nellie into a flying machine and go somewhere else. They touch down in New York, where the members of the Philharmonic use parts of Nellie for a concert; then they look for some tracks heading South.”

Nellie is a train off on a big adventure in the New World (America). The pictures are charming and will take you back to a time of childhood wonder and exploration. The author certainly had a rich imagination and I love how un-P.C. they are (as in, some of the characters are actually smoking!).

I don’t think the scanned images give a good representation of how absolutely delightful this deck is. I love how little details jump out at you out of nowhere – like the pentagram on the driver’s uniform in the Emperor card. 

I think this will be a highly personal deck and I am sure it will reveal worlds upon worlds of insight and new ideas when I use it. For now though, I’ll just take my time enjoying one of the best story-lines I’ve come across. I’ll be off getting lost in a magical world and enjoying a fresh look at the world.

Kim – thank you!!!




  1. What a treasure, indeed!

    I love the funky style (cartoonish but not in a dumb way–in a whimsical way!) and the custom bag is so cool. I love the color and line work.

    Hope you have some great readings with it.


  2. I know! Some people can actually design jewelry, make jewelry, make tarot bags AND put together a deck from a children’s book. I’m gonna have a hard talk with the creativity fairy! Really though, I just feel blessed to have such a treasure to read with. 🙂 Blessings.

  3. Thank you Kat! I’ll be sure to use this both to lighten up the days but also to answer the more heavy questions in life. Many blessings.

  4. I sure will, Mentha, thank you! I thought you may like it he he. It is ultra, ultra whimsical. It’s got a fruitloop humour about it, I find myself laughing when I use it. Blessings.

  5. Hi Chris, this deck is not for sale, it was done for a tarot project. I will double check with Kim though. I read the book, fantastic work.


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