Vanessa Tarot Review

Vanessa Tarot is an exuberant addition to the tarot world – a slice of modern pop culture, imbued with a strong feminine presence throughout. It’s relevance to modern life makes this an excellent reading deck for any situation – I’ve used it countless times and had great clarity and insight from the cards. This is the creation of Lynyrd Narciso – a Filipino artist and tarot deck creator. He has actually done other tarot decks yet I am unable to find a website for his work other than on DeviantArt (if anyone has this please let me know).

Vanessa Tarot has taken its inspiration from several areas of contemporary pop culture including female role models from the small and large screens of television and cinema, life-like fashion dolls, and heroines from comic books. In the same way that dolls encourage imaginative role-playing, Vanessa tarot provides scenarios for examining our fantasies, fears, decisions, desires and choices.” (LWB excerpt)

The cards come in a very cute and durable tin box – their small size means the box is light and easily portable (card size 6cm by 9.5cm). Despite the somewhat “catoonish” appearance and design of the cards, I would highly encourage tarot fans with more classic or traditional tastes in tarot to give this deck a go. The card stock is excellent – not too glossy, not too thin and not too thick either, which makes shuffling easy and fluid.

The accompanying LWB contains good information and explanations on the cards. The Minor Arcana are listed in numerical order, with information on numerological meanings for each number – this is great as often the numerological application, across all suits, is not provided in LWBs.

For those interested in this deck, it is published by US Games and there are further card images on their website. I include below a small selection from the Minor Arcana and hope you get to know this deck if you haven’t already done so.



  1. As far as know, Ly does not have a Web site of his own which is a great pity.

    I’ve been on the fence about this deck, but seeing more of the images I think has convinced me I need to add it to my collection, eventually! I have other decks of his and his art is just wonderful. This one really is charming.

  2. I find it’s a real “pick me up” kind of deck, if there is such a thing! I would love to get some of his other decks, but there is nowhere I can see them listed, it seems they are all out of print πŸ˜₯ Maybe blog about some of the ones you have at some stage? πŸ™‚

  3. The only one I’ve blogged was the Bagong Sining deck, and I only show 4 of the cards. The post is here. It came with two other tiny decks that I did not show, but maybe I’ll post some photos of those on my Tarot blog. He really varies his art style, it’s quite extraordinary. Are you a member on the Tarot Collectors Forum? He’s been pretty active on there, and shows his upcoming decks sometimes.

  4. Thanks you – no not a member but tentatively interested – I say tentatively because, well, Tarot Collectors Forum sounds dangerous for my bank balance! Tee heee πŸ˜‰

  5. This deck seems like one that I’d like if I used it, but I’m not immediately drawn to it just seeing it. However, again, I bet the cheeky meanings and uniqueness of it would win me over. I really never know what I’ll think of a deck until I actually use it. I kind of like that they have bobble heads. Or what looks like bobble heads, rather…

  6. Heheh, Yes, fair warning! I did some serious buying last year after joining the forum, and really had to put the brakes on this year (although I have still bought a few decks). The owner, Adam McLean has the forum locked down to new members at the moment. He does this whenever a lot of spammer/scammers slip in and start annoying people. If you want to join, I think you have to email him directly, or I could. It is strictly a collectors’ forum though, there is no discussion of readings or reading techniques allowed (and he’s very firm about that). He really keeps it focused on buying, selling, art discussion, history of decks, and similar aspects of Tarot. Artists often post decks they’re working on, which is where I get into trouble πŸ˜‰

  7. He he – I had to google bobble heads! Never heard that term before – every day I learn a new thing, as they say. Well you know what with the financial cooling you’re going through, think about it for a while πŸ™‚ It’s not for everyone’s taste, I know…

  8. Hah! That’s awesome. Bobble heads are not popular where you are? To be honest they’re not that popular here, either…

    Anyway. Yes! I am sure I’ll succumb to temptation at some point…perhaps not this year. I got the Housewives Tarot (a used one on Amazon) and it should be arriving soon and that was my final tarot purchase of the year. I’m trying to stick firm to that. πŸ˜€


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