Lemniscate mind

Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

This is another reading taken from Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom. In the countless hours I spent shuffling with my cards while I was in Romania, I tried some more varied readings and the answers for this one were rather interesting.

1. What is the shape of my mind – 2 of Pentacles

I can’t help thinking about The Magician, and also Strength when I see this – because the first thing that stood out for me was the lemniscate. Aside from the Magician’s trickster quality, and the power of Strength, the card itself points to balance, and to a certain extent flexibility. But it seems it’s all bound up within the shape of the lemniscate. I should point out my Moon is in Gemini (ruled by Mercury, the trickster Magician) – and I do have a weighty Mercury influence in my chart.

 2. How do I communicate my ideas – Ace of Cups

I found this answer to be a bit of a puzzle – because I have difficulty communicating my ideas sometimes. Not always, but it does happen. I think numerologically it’s significant – the Ace being about the impulse or the very first spark before anything happens. The Ace of Cups to me speaks of an emotional weight that is part of my communication – but also an openess and even emotional depth at times.

3. How am I able to hear the ideas of others – 4 of Swords

This is the only sword card in a reading about the mind and communication.The card is about calming the mind, keeping it still and quiet when communicating with others – so in a way it says that I am able to put aside my preoccupations and listen to other people. However, it also indicates that while I am able to hear the ideas of other people, I don’t really get involved or I keep a distance.

4. What do I need to learn – 8 of Pentacles

This, to me, is about fine-tuning my communication skills a little. And also, perhaps engaging in the skill of diplomacy, or learning how to be more diplomatic or careful in how I phrase my thoughts (and Sun in Sagittarius is the least of my worries – I have Mercury, planet of communication, in Scorpio. Enough said.) Actually, English is my second language, so maybe buying a dictionary and learning some more vocabulary wouldn’t hurt either.

5. How will I learn it – Queen of Wands

Practice and be open to learning. I will learn by not being too self-conscious about my communication – this Queen just goes out and doesn’t really hold back and gets involved in living life; it says, really, just be yourself.

I’d encourage you to give this one a try – would love to see what other people get as the shape of their mind 🙂

Many blessings,



  1. This is great, I love your interpretations. I don’t think I knew English was a second language for you (or did I just forget?) . You seem completely fluent.

    The Four of Swords seems like an ideal card to get in that position, being able to calmly listen to others without becoming emotionally involved. An important quality when reading for others.

  2. Hi – yes it is, although I’ve lived in NZ since I was 12 so really it is pretty good – but I still get the odd word/expression I don’t get. The accent will never go away though he he 🙂


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