Sacred Quest

Sacred Quest spread using the Universal Rider Waite Smith

This spread reflects the energy of what I want to do and achieve, and is taken from one of Rachel Pollack’s books. I am getting more aquainted with Temperance, the angel of healing. As a Saggitarius, I am well aware it is “my” card, following its astrological association. Mary Greer writes about this card being a card of healing, and it is also often called Alchemy. So this is my quest, and I am on the path of gaining mental clarity. That sword is immensely powerful, just like the mind. Of course, it is also the card of new beginnings, which are soon to be felt in my life. But I take it to be especially related to the mind, to a state of mind that is clear, cutting through fog and uncertainty. I feel like I am slowly coming out of a long and drawn out Moon phase, parts of which still linger.

I am so happy to see that it leads to the 10 of Pentacles, a card of completion and achievement on the material realm, aided by the 6 of Pentacles, also related to the material plane via giving and receiving of physical resources. This could be money or gifts from people I know. As it stands, I have been very blessed to receive help from my family with the upcoming trip to Romania. It is interesting to see I am hindered by the Knight of Wands – who could this be? Perhaps it is my wild nature and all this travelling I am about to go on. Too many things happening at once, perhaps. And I’ll have to sacrifice my pride (Queen of Wands) which makes sense given a core part of healing relates to the ego – yet I smiled when I received the quitessential “wish” card in the tarot for the outcome. No matter what you want or wish for, getting the 9 of Cups is a blessing and a strong sign you are on your way to achieving it.

If anyone would like to try this spread, the order is:

1. What is your quest
2. What path are you on
3. Where does it lead you
4. What opposes you
5. What aids you
6. What must you sacrifice
7. What you will become


  1. This is a great spread, it’s like a more to-the-point version of a Celtic Cross.

    What a wonderful reading, too! 9 of Cups, doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

  2. Yes it is great! Love that 9 of Cups, no matter what people say about it being the card of alcoholics or whatever, it’s so great when it shows in this sort of context.


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