Haindl Tarot

There are times when I read tarot, and I get a certain feeling – like I’m connecting with a deep energy, a timeless and infinite essence. It is very hard to describe, but when this happens, I feel like asking questions that go beyond the here and now. It’s when I want to peel a few more layers and see what lies beneath the surface, and it’s all about me.

A while ago now, when I was in “the zone”, I asked the cards What is my true self? I wanted to get to know me, in other words: who am I? I could feel the intense energy as I was shuffling, and knew it would be a loaded answer. And here you have it: The Fool – The Lovers – The Magician. The Haindl deck is an amazing divinatory and sacred work of art. To get 3 majors in a row like that left me a little shocked, to be honest.

So, what does it all mean? I am not sure an answer is straightforward – because it is the type of answer that takes months and years to digest, to understand and to realize. So far, The Fool relates to my need to explore life, to be on a journey, to live for an adventure; to be free, and to be spontaneous. The Lovers, that is my life path number. There is some karmic energy to sort through with regards to The Lovers, specifically around partnership choices. And the Magician is about having the ability to create magic, which is something I am learning more about. It’s not just about studying the occult (personally I have a strong interest in the field), but it’s also about realizing that I have the power and ability to direct my life and make whatever I set my sights on happen.

Many blessings,



  1. This is very neat. You make me want to pull out my Haindl deck. Maybe I should? I guess I haven’t used it on the blog yet!

    I decided to try this question about who my true self is and I thought the answer was interesting. I got the Sun, the Empress and the Magician. Three majors again! So funny. Sounds odd but I was concerned that I’d receive some stupid, dinky cards.

    When I saw the Sun and the Empress together it made me think of motherhood, but also creativity because I’m an artist. It also felt sunny and bright energy-wise, but in a creative, nurturing way. The Magician is, as you said, about making my own destiny and maybe being a touch adventurous (though I don’t think quite as adventurous as you).

    Thanks for the idea. Hope you have a marvy day!


  2. Hmm, I’ll have to try this. You have the best ideas for spreads 🙂

    Like Magic Mentha, though, I expect I’ll pull something like the 5 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, and 8 of Cups. Bleah. Oh well. When I have time I’ll do the spread and put it up on my tarot blog. 😀

  3. That’s beautiful, Sharyn. So simply put together, yet so poetic 🙂 Thank you.

  4. Wow. 3 Majors again. Nice, eh?! Yes the Sun and the Empress together is very apt for you, and what beautiful cards they are (in any deck!). Interesting how we think we may get bad or difficult cards yet end up with such amazing cards. 🙂

  5. Thank you – why is it we think we’ll pick difficult cards? There’s some psychological undercurrent there, I recall Paulo Coelho writing about how a lot of people don’t feel confident about being able to realize all the good things in life, like we are guilty of actually being successful, or happy etc. It’s often not a conscious awareness. Regardless, I am very happy you are finding my spreads interesting and useful. Enjoy! 😉 xx


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