From the archives: Veronika Tarot Spread




‘Am I cured?’
‘No. You’re someone who is different, but who wants to be the same as everyone else. And that, in my view, is a serious illness.’
‘Is wanting to be different a serious illness?’
‘It is if you force yourself to be the same as everyone else: it causes neuroses, psychoses and paranoia. It’s a distortion of nature, it goes against God’s laws, for in all the world’s woods and forests, He did not create a single leaf the same as another. But you think it’s mad to be different and that’s why you chose to live in Villette, because everyone is different here, and so you appear to be the same as everyone else. Do you understand?’

from Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

A simple two card spread came to mind reading the above. A few people I know do not like Paulo’s writing style, which is a shame, although millions have been touched by his books. Regardless of whether his writing is liked or not, the messages contained within are so relevant – take the above paragraph, in the context of the rise and rise of prescription medicines for depression, anxiety and so on. Anyhow, I kept this one simple. One could ask for advice on how to nourish or support what makes them different and so on. I chose the Vanessa tarot mainly because I received this not long ago from a friend and wanted to try it out, though I feel it is more of a “practical” deck for day-to-day events.

1. How am I different
2. How do I conform

Vanessa Tarot spread
Veronika Tarot Spread using Vanessa Tarot

Well, look at that. I conform in a group, and am different on my own, is perhaps what really stands out. The 3 of cups explains the How – social situations, parties, friendships – how many times hasn’t it happened. Not always a bad thing, of course. As for the Queen of Wands, the words freedom and adventure jump right out of that card. So vibrant and alive, that one. When I was young, about 8 or 9, my friends asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Everyone had something to answer: doctor, pilot, architect. My answer: I want to be an adventurer. I kid you not. Everyone had a good laugh on that account – you know, what kind of a job is that, it’s not a proper job blah blah blah. At that time I was reading a children’s version of Jules Verne, and was so engrossed in that world, so mesmerized by it all, I lived it and loved it with pure naivety. And so far, I have to say, life has been a pretty fascinating journey.


  1. What a wonderful card to get for your difference! I think you need to add “fearless” (or at least, “courageous”) to Her Majesty’s list of attributes. From what I’ve read here, you embody that in particular.

    And *another* excellent little spread 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comments! Always a welcome sight. Well, fearless, I like that – even though a friend once told me I had more guts than brains 🙂 Tee hee hee. I have a few more insights about those 2 cards – one is daytime, the other night time setting; and only one has an animal – the horse, which is free (and I can’t help but relate that to my Sagittarian nature).

  3. I really liked this quick spread and think it will give it a go on my own blog, linking back to you of course!

    I loved your Queen of Wands and the thing that jumped out of me that might make you different (and I don’t know you) but it seemed to say to me, that you love the life you live rather that just live the life you have.

  4. What a great 2-card reading! I thought I had seen every possible 2-card spread (and saved them in my notebook!) — but here’s a new one for me to play with. Thanks, Monica!

  5. That deck is adorable, it’s one I don’t have. I like this spread, sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves objectively, and we often don’t consciously choose to be different. I will have to try this.

  6. Hello Helen,

    Thank you for reading and for your comment. I do indeed love the life I live, though I must say that’s been an evolving process, and only in the past few years taken on a more conscious role on what I keep and what I discard, rather than saying yes to anything that comes along. I’ll be sure to check out your blog soon, feel free to adapt any spreads you want to use to your own circumstances.

  7. Hi Sharyn

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m so happy people are finding this interesting and useful. Monica

  8. Hello Zanna, well what do you know, just when you thought you’d seen it all! It’s one of the things I love about Tarot – the endless infinity of combinations, permutations and explorations. Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment.

  9. I would like to officially thank my friend Tamsin for gifting me this deck, it is really good! I’ll have to do a review of it at some stage, because it’s totally fabulous 🙂


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